Putting Temporal Analytics into Practice:
The 5th International Workshop on Temporality in Learning Data


Temporal analyses offer exciting new ways to gain insight into the processes through which learning occurs. The study of different learning patterns over time and their relationship to learning outcomes is a rapidly growing area of interest in the learning analytics community and beyond. However, while the literature on temporal analyses is developing, there has been dramatically less consideration of the methods by which temporal analyses might be put into practice, and translated to actionable insights. Emerging temporal analyses present both theoretical and practical challenges in appropriating suitable techniques for producing and interpreting results, especially those that can inform and be used by practitioners. This workshop aims to convene researchers, designers, educational practitioners and other stakeholders to explore these challenges and state-of-the-art perspectives, so as to put temporal analytics into practice effectively.

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Workshop Co-chairs

Bodong Chen

University of Minnesota

Alyssa F. Wise

Simon Fraser University

Simon Knight

University of Technology Sydney

Britte Haugan Cheng

SRI International

Workshop Program

Workshop Location